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Married...All of us want to get married..I want to get married..You want to get married..Every person in this world want to get married..hehehe..But,we do not know with whom we will be married with and when we will be getting married..Don't you feel weird why I suddenly talk about married??

It is not I am telling you that I am getting married..hehehe..But I want to let you guys know that I am enjoy watching 'We Got Married' and 'Global We Got Married' which is one of the korean variety show..

 Global we got married consist of two vastly different couples, HongMina (FT Island frontman Hongki from Korea and actress Fujii Mina from Japan and ) as well as TaecGui (Taecyeon of 2PM from Korea and pop singer-turned-actress Gui Gui from Taiwan). One practical reason why a Global Edition would be filmed would to be to tap into and appeal to the huge markets in Japan and Taiwan but a fascinating product of this is a look at how cross-cultural interactions work, because the show doesn’t shy away from discussing the difficulties of such issues.This show consists of 15 episodes..

 Hongki Mina is my favourite couple in 'Global We Got Married'..They are so sweet..Eventhough Hongki is not a romantic person,but he try his best..I love them so much which is make me feel want to get married soon..hehehe..Just kidding..They started as an awkward couple but as time goes by they becoming more closed and romantic..oohhh...How I wish I can be like them..Maybe with my husband..Who knows..hehehe..Sorry if I am overreacted..I can't hold myself when it comes to this couple.. :)..


This couple had some problem in their communication..This is because Gui Gui is not fluent in English compared to Taecyeon..In the first episode,Gui Gui had told Taecyeon that she is not good in English and asked Taecyeon to talk slowly and used a simple word..Learning to laugh at the language barrier was important for them. Some truly unforgettable moments like this came when Gui Gui attempted to communicate with G.O from MBLAQ. MBLAQ became “Black? I know black.” Later on with the 2PM members, Wooyoung became “Woong”, or meat. Taecyeon’s obvious amusement as he translated Gui Gui’s words showed his hard-won ease with her and his ability to understand her well despite language differences.hahaha...Such a funny couple because of the language..

Next we go on with 'We Got Married'

This couple also known  as 'Goguma Couple'..This is because Seohyun is a goguma lover..Do you know 'goguma'??Goguma is a sweet potato..This couple take a lot of time to become more close..This is because Seohyun is such a pure and innocent girl while Yonghwa tried very hard to become more close with Seohyun..There is some accidents that Yonghwa had done and make Seohyun hurt..So,what are you guys waiting for??Watch this couple full episodes...But this couple episodes had been released a long time ago..hehehe.. :)


This is still on going couple in we got married..Their love story is so sweet..They are so shy with each other and they can't look at each other funny.. :)..Until now i'm still watching their episode and i imagine if I was in the situation like them..So sweet... :)..

Guys,if you want to watch all the shows that I recommended click here

Bye guys....

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