Tuesday, 22 October 2013


Assalamualaikum you all....

I'm back!!!!!So,tonight i will talk about my hobby as i promise this evening..Do you want to know what is my hobby??Are you guys excited??Of course you are..Haha..I'm just kidding..So,what are you waiting for...Let's check it out!!! :)

For me,there are many enjoyable hobbies..But nothing can even come close to cooking as hobby when it comes to the benefits that people derive for it..The joy of following a cook book to produce a dish is a great experience for myself and if the end of the result is good then it is even more satisfying for me and the and the admiration from others is an added bonus...Thats will make me really happy.. :)

I highly recommend giving cooking as a hobby a try..It helps me relax and helps me keep my mind active..I love to try the new items and cook things that i never would have even attempted before..I scour the internet and have a ton of cook books where i pick out interesting and fun recipes and try them out..It is always fun and usually i end up changing the recipe to suit my taste needs or just change it enough to make it delicious...

I enjoy being able to throw ingredients together and at the end of the day i have spectacular meal..Even when i know how it will turn out,i still get excited to see the finished product...I also enjoy watching a program that relate to cooking..For example,all season of Masterchef US..Thats will inspiring me to cook..I love to watch how they cooking and i love the pantry because it has a lot of quality products..Besides,i love eating..So,if i know how to cook,i can eat a variety of foods..hehehe.. 

Ok guys....I think thats all for tonight..I need to do some revision because there will be a lot of test coming next week..In the next post,i will share something interesting that related to cooking..

Before that,i would like to share some of the cook books..

See you again.... :)..Assalamulaikum..

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