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Guys,have you ever watched any korean variety show??Do you have any favourite korean variety show???I bet all of you have even it is just one..I really love to watch korean variety show compared to the drama,movie and others..I only watched a korean drama or movie when my friend recommended me some of the interesting story..Besides,I am not a person who is always search for the latest drama or movie..But,I always waiting for the new episode of variety show and now I already alert when the show will be released..For example in what day and time..hehe.. :)

I am not obsessed in k-pop...I just love to watch the korean variety show which is to me it is kind of interesting and can make me laugh as loud as I want..In addition,it can release my stress..

Do you know what is the korean variety show that i really love to watch??

Let's begin....

RUNNING MAN!!!!!!!!!

I bet all of you are familiar with this show..This variety show very famous all around the world.Running Man is a south korean variety shows.It first aired on July 11, 2010 and continued every Sunday. This variety shows was made for fun and it only contain about game. The rule of this game is all the member of running man must complete the mission and if someone win this game they would get a prize. Every week they had a different mission and different guest to (except if they went to another countries and stay there). Running man had 7 members, almost their member is a man but there are 1 girl who joined Running Man. They are Ji Suk Jin, Lee Kwang Soo, Kim Jong Kook, Yoo Jae Suk, Kang Gary, Haha,, and one pretty girl that is Song Ji Hyo. Running man also had a guest who always play the game with all the members.

I love to watch their desire to win and their body gag..hahaha..I laugh very hard and loud until my father knock my room and asked me to lower my voice..heheh..sorry dad.. :) 

This is one of the preview of the many episodes that I would like to share.I hope you guys enjoy this shows and watch all of the episodes.. 

If you want don't know where to watch the shows click here..

Happy Together is also one of my favourite korean variety show.

A hilarious show that airs on channel KBS every Thursday of the week in South Korea. This show consists of two games. In the first game, the MCs and the guests are supposed to talk about something funny. The goal in this game is to hold your laugh, but if you laugh, you will get spray with a water gun. In the second game, the MCs and the guests are given a song that had its lyric changed to remember. Then, they are putted in a hot steam room to sing the given song. In order for them to get out of the hot steam room, they would need to sing the given song correctly. Throughout the game, there will be chances given out randomly. At the end of this game, whoever the loser is, they will be given a painful head message.Besides,they also had a very special segment which is called as 'Late Night Cafeteria'..This is a very fun show because we can know a lot about the guest..

In this show my favourite segment was 'Late Night Cafeteria'..This is a segment where a guest will bring the food that they always eat in late night..And the dish that get many votes will win..

To watch all the episodes click here

Ok then...I will share another of my favourite korean variety show next time..ASSALAMUALAIKUM... :)

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